Inspiration is an interesting thing

It seems to be strongly influenced by our well-being and optimism. The last four months have been full of struggle. Events outside of my control conspired to make life hard, which left me with very little time to think about creative work. I wanted a project that will make me excited, something that I can have fun exploring, and something I can return as a sort of a mental sanctuary. I wanted something beyond the daily existence to preoccupy me.

Then, a few of days ago I had an idea for a short film. The idea kept growing and more details emerged as if I was channeling something. I spent the next days scribbling the incoming thoughts and now I have a rough draft. I spent a lot of time musing about details like sound design and production, background movements and their effect on viewers, acceptable and superfluous tropes, etc. The idea has taken a life of its own.

I will share more details here as they reify.

And, yes, of course—it's science fiction. 🪐